January 2, 2019


Recently Uber announced a new service for the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions being Uber Select. Uber Select is a tier above UberX and a tier below Uber Black.

UberSELECT is an option in the Uber app for a ride that’s nicer than your average sedan. You’ll be picked up by a highly rated driver at a price that’s affordable for everyday use.


How does UberSELECT compare to a professionally chauffeured limousine service?

We believe that we can offer a higher level of service from friendly professional drivers who are government accredited, in luxury vehicles that are of a top standard, certified and safety tested by government authorities.

A major point of difference is, simply, that this isn’t our gig-on-the-side. It’s what we do. Your satisfaction and safety is key to our success.

Price comparison

Along with our new, high-level luxury vehicles and professional drivers, we also offer competitive rates in comparison to Uber. Please compare for yourself via

Here’s a recent comparison of Uber vs Limo traveling from Gold Coast Airport to Surfers Paradise

Uber Select – $71-$93

My Gold Coast Limo Р$93.72